11/8: Talk Back Thursday

Each Thursday, we feature an owner of a mom-company and ask them 5 questions. This week, we interviewed the owner and creator of 30 Some Weeks. We reviewed 30 Some Weeks HERE.

1. What inspired you to create the 30 Some Weeks?
Like most creations – the need! In anticipation of my first pregnancy I needed two completely toxin-free and totally effective products:           A deodorant that worked and worked all day with one application, and a skin lotion that was good for normal-to-dry skin but also strong enough to help prevent stretch marks too. DeodoMom is our deodorant solution. We are still working on – and think we are close to – a lotion solution.

2. How do you balance work and family?
With difficulty and with creativity.

3. What advice would you give to other women starting their own company?
It will be tough, and it will require compromises. Plan for the first and anticipate the other.

4. Who has inspired you most in creating 30 Some Weeks?
My mother who ran several small and short-lived home-made food initiatives within the reach of our neighborhood. I think she would have made it big if on-line retailing was possible at the time. She is also my most ardent inspirer.

5. Is there any exciting news about 30 Some Weeks you want to share?
We hope to have one or two mildly scented versions of the deodorant for the 2012 Holidays – so many of our customers have urged us that despite our better judgment, we gave in. The original and unscented version remains the best option for pregnant women and those with sensitive skins. We also hope to offer a light and penetrating skin oil – good enough to help prevent stretch marks – after the Holidays.


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