Ipsy MyGlam November Preview

Are you as excited for your MyGlam bag as me?

MyGlam, now Ipsy, has given us 5 previews of this month's bag!

All of the images below are from the MyGlam/ Ipsy Facebook site: www.facebook.com/myglam

It looks like a black bag again (we had one a couple of months ago as well), as well as a mascara. The mascara appears to be a sample size.

Maybe a nail polish? Either way, I love the color!

To me, this looks like a lip gloss. A nice berry shade for Fall.
To me, this looks like the end of a make-up brush! I hope so, because I always need new ones!
Looks like an eyeshadow to me? I am really torn on this one, and am not sure at all what it could be!

What do you think will come in this month's box???

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