May Cravebox Review

I first attempted to get a Cravebox when they first introduced them, and was not one of the selected few that was able to get a subscription. Last month, they had a lottery for more open spots, and I was lucky enough to win a "spot." That does not mean it was FREE! :) Cravebox is $10 a month, so it is one of the cheaper subscription boxes out there. Right now, you can sign up to be informed when the box is available again, but not to get an actual subscription.

This was my first month, and I was pretty impressed. I DID eat the chocolates before snapping a photo, hence no picture that included the chocolate. This is what was in the box:

  • Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub-- 18 oz. You can purchase three on Amazon for $17.97, so estimated value of $5.99
  • Skintersection Intense Repair Cream- 2 fl. oz--Not available on Amazon, but listed on, they value it at $17.97
  • Sunsweet Plum Amazins-- 2 packets-- Amazon estimate (based on per oz value) of 54 cents each--1.08 total
  • Sample of Lipton Tea and Honey
  • pack of 6 Guylian Truffles-- not listed on a website in sizes this small, so price hard to determine. Many people received these melted, but mine came intact. Other people complained about a bad taste, but mine were DELICIOUS!
Total value was well over the $10.00! I thought everything was wonderful and appropriate for summer. IF you can get in, I strongly recommend cravebox!

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