Hello everyone!

Well, I just joined yet another monthly box, and this one looks really good! It is called Julep, and for $19.99 a month, you get a box with nail polish and other related products each month. You receive at least 2 polishes, which they claim is a value of $40. Other products have included hand lotion, toe separaters, etc.

The best part?

Right now you can get a monthly box for ONE PENNY! Yep, I just verified, ordered mine and was only charged ONE CENT! Awesome! I cannot wait for mine to arrive.

Not only that, but each month you can CHOOSE which colors you prefer. They give you a "type" or maven you are, and if you do not like the colors in your box that month, you can look at the other colors and choose a different box. You can always cancel as well (no obligation), so could cancel right after your first box! For one cent, I will try it out!

Here is a link to sign up:

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