Julep Box Review

So, I decided to try out Julep because it was only 1 cent. For a penny, I will try almost anything!!!!

I received my box, and it was exactly what showed in the picture. I CHOSE the colors I wanted, which I LOVE about Julep. Each month they send out a box, but you can CHOOSE your colors from several different options.

The colors in person, and on my nails were AMAZING! The bluish green was simply gorgeous! I just love it! I have started using the Pedicure cream too, so hopefully it will work wonders.

In the box was:
  • 1 bottle of a bluish-green nail polish
  • 1 bottle of a pink nail polish
  • A Pedicure cream
  • 2 toe dividers (for those perfect pedicures)
It is hard to put a real "value" on everything, because the brand is Julep, and there are very few places to purchase Julep. Amazon does sell it via Sephora, who values each polish at $14.00. So, the value of the box is maybe at about $35 (the cream is only available on the website as well). 

The AMAZING thing, is that I only paid 1 penny, and so it was really not much of a risk. Even with the box costing $20, it is a good value, especially if you like nail polish!

You can sign up at www.julep.com and use the code COLOR2012 to get the intro box for 1 penny.

I cancelled my subscription with them simply because I have TONS of nail polish, and it did not apply well to my nails. However, it worked well with my daughter's nails, so you may have a different experience!

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  1. It was ok. It was not great, and it was not awful. I liked the crack repair cream from June's Cravebox much more!