Cravebox Summer Spruce Up Review

Cravebox is a $10 a month monthly subscription box. Every once in a while they have a "special" box that you sign up for in a lottery drawing! I was one of the lucky people chosen to receive the box, so for $10, this is what I got:

  • Mr Clean Bliss Premium Latex Free Gloves. These are not available on Amazon, but could be found online for $4.
  • Spray Away Glass Cleaner. Amazon price is $51.99 for a pack of 24. Although buying a case my be completely impractical, that does give a rough guess at a price of $2.16. 
  • Barkeeper's Friend. Amazon price of $6.91.
  • Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth. Amazon has a pack of 6 for $8.94, making 1 worth $1.49
  • Coupon for 1 FREE 22 ct pack of 13 gallon tall rash bags. Max Value of $5.49
That makes the value of this price: $20.05. I love the coupon, and was in great need of trash bags and new cleaning gloves. Overall, I love the box because I can see myself using every single item!

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