New Year, New You: Okra Challenge Final Weight In

Well, today is the final weigh in for my okra challenge, since I weigh in during my mornings. This morning, my weight didn't move at all, and I am at 243.2

I am fairly happy with the okra challenge. It was not pleasant on some days, but once I got down how to make the shake, even my husband and kids wanted some. I will definitely do it again if I ever have a weight stall! All together, I lost 3.6 pounds in just 7 days, so about 0.5 pounds a day which is amazing. I am just doing the challenge for 1 week.

Day 1/ Start weight: 246.8
Day 2: 246
Day 3: 245
Day 4: 245.6
Day 5: 245.2
Day 6: 244.8 
Day 7: 243.2
Day 8/ Last Weigh-in of Challenge: 243.2

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