New Year, New You: Okra Challenge Day #3

Honesty, I thought losing 0.8 pounds by yesterday morning was a fluke. I thought I would wake up this morning and be the same exact weight as yesterday morning. I hope everyone is sitting down for this. I think I need to sit down.

1 MORE POUND DOWN!! Isn't that crazy. And I don't mean now a total of 1 pound, I mean now a total of 1.8 pounds. I stepped off and back on to the scale like 5 times to check to make sure. I am just flabbergasted. I don't even know what to say. Apparently, the okra challenge works???? This is so crazy!

I am doing the chocolate big boy again (I know same old thing). I did pick up some pickled okra so that I have some tomorrow.

To answer a few questions I have been asked:
1. No, I have not changed anything else in my diet. I always eat in the Trim Healthy Mama plan (with a few moments of grace here and there, but nothing too huge). But, I didn't really change anything. I am not drinking more water or anything like that.

2. I am using frozen okra in my recipe. It has never come out slimy that I have noticed, and honestly does taste like a chocolate shake.

3. I do weigh myself at the same time in the same weight in the same location. I always weigh when I come home from dropping off the kids right before I hop in the shower (so clothes are never a factor).

4. Someone asked me if I like okra. I guess I will find out tomorrow? I don't even know what okra tastes like (and I am assuming it is not chocolate milk).

5. I have been on THM for about 8 months and have dropped a total of 32 pounds. I started at 276.5. Lowest was 244.6 which was pre-holidays. I bumped up to 246.8 (I know, I know only 2 pounds which could be caused by almost anything). I just got super frustrated because the scale was not moving from 246.8. And I was 100% back on plan for a few weeks and STILL no movement. So frustrating. For those wondering, I was at 245 even this morning. Which is still mind boggling when I didn't see the scale move AT ALL for 3 weeks straight. I am still just stunned.

6. Oh, someone asked me if I noticed a change. So, these may be unrelated, but I have noticed a few things. I believe I have had more energy (again, this could be just because it is warmer outside instead of days on end below zero). I also noticed yesterday that I am not hungry as often. Yesterday, I made a big mistake and I got so busy I forgot my afternoon snack (I eat at 8:00, 12:00, 3:00, and 7:00). I remember taking out my snack (000 yogurt with chocolate chips--recommended by a THM Facebook member), and when I went to start dinner it was still sitting there. But even at dinner I was not starving. I still ate, because I know not eating is one of my pitfalls, but maybe okra keeps you fuller longer? I don't know. I was drinking my big boy in the morning (before lunch), but today I drank it with lunch.

7. And finally-- someone asked me if it tasted good, truly. I know it doesn't sound like it would, but it really does.

See you all tomorrow when you will find out about pickled okra (I am a little nervous), and let's hope I wake up at 244! Wouldn't that be amazing!!!!

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