New Year, New You: Okra Challenge Day 5

Ok, so let's get the weights out of the way.

Day 1/ Start weight: 246.8
Day 2: 246
Day 3: 245
Day 4: 245.6
Day 5: 245.2

So, once again I did lose, but did not rebound below the 245 I had on day 3 (who knows what happened on Day 3). Down a total of 1.6 pounds in 5 days.

And the shake. The worst one yet. This should go into a book called, "When THM goes bad . . ." The taste was horrible. The texture was really, really thick and oh so clumpy. My daughter said it looked like "wet cat food, chicken, and tuna all mixed into one" and it smelled about the same. I mean . . . ugh! I did add peanut powder (thanks for the recommendation)-- the peanut powder DID make it at least someone manageable to gulp down. I did try to blend it really well this time. I also tried to make sure I had no brown parts on my okra. BUT, what I did do this time was set it in the refrigerator after making it for a while because I was running out the door and forgot it in the fridge. It sat in the fridge for about 7 hours, so I think it may have solidified more during that time? So, DON'T LEAVE in the fridge for 7 hours????

To see more posts about the okra challenge, you can follow my journey in the trim healthy mama tab on the blog. Until tomorrow . . .

2 days left. Trying the Zuppa Toscana soup tomorrow from the cookbook.

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