New Year, New You: Okra Challenge Day #4

I wish I could tell you all that my shake tasted amazing this morning. I wish I could tell you all that I lost another pound and am down to 244! But I am not :( I am at 245.6. GRRR. And what is with the 0.6 endings all the time. So, for those not closely following along, and you want to . . . here is the break down:

Day 1/ Start weight: 246.8
Day 2: 246
Day 3: 245
Day 4: 245.6

So I AM down 1.2 pounds total still, but I am really hoping that scale moves DOWN more and not up by tomorrow morning.

Also, my shake tastes awful right now. Really, truly awful (I mean-- it even looks worse, right???). I am pretty sure I know what okra tastes like now. And it IS a little slimy. The difference? I ran out of okra so I had to purchase a new frozen bag, and they didn't have the same brand as the original. I had green giant originally, so I will definitely going back to that (I have generic this time). It does seem to matter the brand you are buying. I am still getting down my big boy though!

Oh, and I tried these lovely treats last night.

And they pretty much taste like pickles. They were expensive at $8.99 for the jar you see. I wasn't really fond of the texture, but they tasted pretty much like pickles. I am going to be trying to get more of them each day as well.

Until tomorrow . . .

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