Buying Meat in Bulk to Save your Family Money!

We are really using up the pork we bought from a local farmer and I wanted to share some great experiences I recently read about on The Finer Things In Life by Amy.  Checkout her post too!

We invested in a deep freeze for great buys and for bulk meat purchases. 

Haier 7.1 Cubic Ft Chest Freezer

We got this freezer for about $200--which is an amazing deal.  Then, we purchased a portion of beef from a local farmer and a whole hog.

In Missouri, we love Todd Geisert with Geisert Farms in Washington, MO.  The pork is SUPER awesome and we love how the processor he recommended walked us through STEP by STEP to make sure we would use the ham and other portions for OUR family.

We got ground pork, bacon, ham steaks (instead of a big ham! These are LIFE SAVERS! and make a quick meal!) pork tenderloin, pork chops and a few other goodies.  It was a larger sum of money up front, but we have already SAVED since having our freezer of pork!

Todd from Geisert Farms

Our beef comes from Lee Farms.  We loved how professional and helpful Rusty Lee was and that they have a great CSA program too!

We think finding a local farmer and supplier for meat for your family is a SUPER way to save money.  Our meat prices at the grocery store chain keep INCREASING--yet it seems quality is never increasing.

We like to involve the boys in understanding where their food comes from, too.  This is a super way to help them learn, see another family in-action working the farm, and also get out of the city a bit!

What do you do to save on meat for your family!?

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  1. That sounds like a really good idea! My mom and stepdad have always raised cattle to slaughter and we always had deep freezers full of meat. I will have to look further into to find out how I can purchase like that. Right now we only buy about 5 pounds in bulk and just cut and rebag to freeze in 1 pound portions. I pay about $2/pound doing that.