Standing Up! Autographed DVD

Mamas! Let's start this school year right! At MamaBreak we support standing up against bullying, and we would love if you would join us! Take a Standing Up! Pledge and help them put a stop to bullying! Print it and put it somewhere to remind yourself that you and your family stand up against bullying!

Do you have what it takes to stand up? Take the quiz below!

Want to win this fantastic DVD SIGNED by the filmmaker?? 

Enter now to win your own prize!!!
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  1. there's no link to the quiz to get credit for that one :/ so I'm taking credit for commenting that there's no link... lol I hope that's ok... I'll try to get back to do it before the giveaway ends though...

    1. Oh no! Blogger is so funny about these quizzes! It was there when I previewed it! I am going to post it again, but these comments are just fine too! Thanks for letting us know!