B Kids Review

Looking for the newest, most innovative toys available? We love unique, high quality toys for our kids. After 3 kids, we have learned that many toys break or get damaged the first time our kids play with them. We loved receiving items from B Kids to review here on MamaBreak.

The first item we reviewed was the Shake N' Dance Puppy. My daughter really loved this puppy. When you shake the bone rattle, he barks and walks. For time you want things to be quiet, there is a convenient off switch!
We also tried out the Race 'N Drop Track. This ramp features cars that you slide down it. We loved that the cars were reversible and easy to "drive" along the floor. The reversible nature means that you can change the color of the car by flipping them over.  My daughter loves experimenting with the ramp to see what kinds of items will roll down the ramp like the cars.

Looking for a bath organizer? We love this duck! It is very adorable, and can function as a toy in the bath as well! It is easy to store small bath toys in it, as it hangs conveniently with suction cups! My daughter actually loves to use it as a purse, especially when going to the beach-- making it is a summer must have! She usually puts her sunscreen, sunglasses, and shovel in the bag and off she goes! 

We loved the quality of B Kids Toys. They are well structured and built toys, and we know they will last us for years to come! The best part is, many of the toys will grow with your child! The ramp and cars are enjoyed by everyone in the family, including my 10 year old! Their toys are simply adorable, durable, and wonderful for kids!

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