Review: Julep Maven Subscription for May – Fresh Twist Collection Review and Free Box Code!

Julep debuted their new Plie Wand in their Julep Maven subscription boxes this month! The wand is meant to be gripped like a pen, with the longer handle attaching to the bottle’s brush to make painting your nails easier. I received the Plie Wand as part of my Boho Glam box, along with light blue crème Jeanne and lavender shimmer Paulette. I also added on a third polish, Laree, and the Creativity Kit for the Plie Wand, which includes a dotting tool and a striping brush.
Julep Maven Subscription May 2014

I was dying to try out the shimmers and test the Plie Wand right away, so I laid out my new tools.
Julep May French Twist Collection

If you take a look at the polishes in the picture, you can see that the rectangular outer cap on Julep bottles come off to reveal a rounded cap beneath. The rounded cap has the brush attached, and you can swatch the color on the outer lid because of this set up. Julep has taken advantage of this same design to make the Plie Wand work on any Julep nail polish; you remove the outer lid and magnetically attach another cap that fits over the rounded cap. With the creativity kit, you can also attach either a dotting tool or precision striping brush to the wand.
Julep Plie Wand

 I wasn’t sure what I’d think of the Plie Wand, but I liked it enough that I’ll try it again. I definitely had less clean up to do when I was done because I had more control over the brush, but I also painted my nails slower as I got used to the new method. The wand pivots to sit more comfortably in your non-dominant hand, but it took me a couple of tries to figure out where “comfortably” was. Dotting and striping with the Plie Wand were very simple though, so I was glad I’d added on the creativity kit!

Here’s my manicure – one hand before nail art, and the other hand after. Julep describes Paulette as “golden lilac tulle shimmer,” and Laree as “golden pink taffeta shimmer.” The shimmer on Paulette is a little more subtle, but I love both!
Julep Paulette and Laree

If you’re interested in trying a Julep subscription, you’d be starting at an exciting time! All new Mavens will have a completely customizable box, called My Maven. Julep will still curate boxes for each of their style profiles, but you’ll be able to swap out polishes or products if you prefer other options from that month’s offerings. (For example, if this month’s box were customizable for me, I could have switched out the blue Jeanne that came with my Boho Glam box for the pink Laree that I added on at an additional cost.) My Maven customizable subscriptions are $24.99 a month, but if you prepay for 3 months the price drops to $19.99 a month. Want to just try one box and see if you like it first? You can start your subscription with a free box using code FREEBOX, and you only have to pay $3.95 shipping. 
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