Googaro May Review

So, one of my new boxes I thought I would try out this month was Googaro. Googaro is for children ages 0-3, and you can specify the age and gender of your child. My youngest child is 3, so we were very excited to get this box.

In the box (please note the below links include where we got our pricing info and may include affiliate links).

  • Moomin Feelings Flash Cards, Amazon price $13.49. These are really odd. I am not sure what I am actually supposed to do with them. I think some of the feelings are beyond my daughter's real understanding, and then I don't know what they are really supposed to teach? The nice thing is, I am teaching an oral interpretation class in the Fall, so these WILL fit in there. 
  • Rich Frog Bath Sponge Turtle, Amazon price $5.98 (estimated). This is actually a part of a SET, and I only got one part of the set. My information card says I will get a bath mitt (and shows a picture of a bath mitt), but clearly I got a turtle. We tend not to use these types of bath toys because they can collect mold fast (in my experience). 
  • BeginAgain Puffer Fish, Web price $4.00. Again, we do not use bath toys with holes in them, as mold can so easily grow inside the toy. We threw out our bath toys with holes in the bottom ages ago, so this one will not be sticking around either. 
  • Melissa & Doug Baby Farm Animals Stamp Set, Amazon price $6.99. We actually got these in a box a few months ago from Citrus Lane. They, however, were in a 4+ box. This is not surprising since the toy is 4+ based on the very small stamps. For a 3 year old box, this was a bit of a surprise to see. 
  • Finally, there is a stainless steel water bottle. It is, disappointingly, branded with a big Googaroo stamp. Googaroo, oddly enough has this valued at $9.99!!!???!!! Even though, they clearly got it from Discount Mugs (sticker on the bottom indicated that is where it is from), at a price of possibly $2.68 (discounts are given based on how many are ordered). Because it is a promotional item from the company from a promotional company, I am not giving it a value. I am disappointed that such an item was included as a part of the value of my overall box, when it is just a marketing tool for them. If they want to include it as an "added bonus" that would be acceptable.

Total value: $30.46   If this was a box that was priced lower, it would be one thing, but at $35 a month, this is NOT a good value. Even if we take the value of the water bottle for what it was listed on the website for, the value was still only $33.14.

Needless to say, we do not recommend this box, as it did not give an overall good value. When you figure in what we will and will not use, that value is even lower. 


  1. Thank you for your honest review. You were also kind in listing full prices. When I buy Melissa and Doug I look for sales and readily find them. Placing a discount on items would further lower the value.

    1. I completely agree. I always try to use Amazon prices so that it seems a little more balance. But I am guessing most of the items could be found for even better prices. EVEN with their $9.99 inflated pricing on the water bottle, it only brings it to only $5 over what you paid for the box, and with sale prices, it is just not a good overall value.