Alien Eggs One Pot (Pan) with Good Cook and the Build Your Kitchen Drawer Contest

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat breakfast. It always seemed like an uphill battle for me, which is a frustrating way to start the day! I love finding creative, easy ways to make breakfast more kid friendly. We recently received some fabulous Good Cook Tools and decided to use the Egg Separator to make our own Alien Eggs!

The one essential tool you will need is an egg separator. Your eggs will not appear vibrant and colored if you do not separate. Worried about not having the yolk in there? We will add that later.

First crack your egg over a bowl into an egg separator. This is a fairly easy task, and it is usually the job of my 7 year old.

Then add I separate the eggs out. Yolks in one bowl, 2 eggs worth of whites in one, 2 eggs worth of white in another (3 bowls total).

Then, add food coloring. You will see here we use green and blue to make our alien eggs, but if you have a little one who loves a different color, add that color!

Then, mix the dye into the egg white and add ONLY that egg to the pan. Chop up the pieces as they cook to get a good scramble. Do this with each bowl of egg white.

Then, if you wish to add the yolk, scramble that as well. Put all of the scrambled eggs onto 1 plate, and you have alien eggs! Fun to eat, healthy, and a great start to the day!

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