Wallpaper for Windows Review

Do you have unsightly windows? We have tried many types of window treatments in my 3 year old's room, and EVERY single one of them have failed. The blinds were destroyed within days, the curtains pulled down. It has been a frustration, which is why I was thrilled to receive Wallpaper for Windows for review!

This is our window. As you can see the view is not all that great (especially now). The real problem is finding a covering that my toddler could not tear down, but still gave her some privacy. Two of her windows face the front of the house, so privacy is a real concern.

What is great about Wallpaper for Windows is that they light in some natural light, but also offer complete privacy. It was super easy to put up, as they can send you the treatment pre-cut to fit your window covering needs!

The finished product looked wonderful, and we do not have to worry about people seeing into our daughter's room now. It looks really nice, and we are really pleased!

You can check out the many designs of Wallpaper for Windows at: http://www.wallpaperforwindows.com/

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