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This week, we are talking to my friend Brenda about being a consultant with Pampered Chef!!! Here is what she had to say:

1. What inspired you to become a Pampered Chef consultant? 

Let’s face it. I was broke as a joke! I had just gone through a divorce and was a single mother of three daughters. I had tried a couple of other home based businesses, but I was my ‘own best customer’ and wasn’t making any money. I tried at home telemarketing and hated every second of it! You know those infomercials you see late at night? Well, you were talking to me, sitting in my jammies with a STRICT script and constant pressure to upsell and take every penny from you, the customer. If you didn’t follow the script, you got written up. Then, one of my classmates posted something on her facebook wall about submitting a Pampered Chef show just in time to meet an incentive deadline. I private messaged her and she gave me her phone number. I called her and talked for a couple of hours about the business and I kept thinking, “I can do that!” so I went online and inquired about the business. I hosted a cooking show and signed up that night. I already knew I was going to do it, so the girl that recruited me didn’t have to work too hard! Haha!
Looking back, I wish I would have signed under my classmate. She lives in NY and I live in IL, but she is the reason I joined The Pampered Chef. Long distance recruiting is possible! There are hospitality groups nationwide, so there is always a group you can meet with on a monthly basis even if it isn't with your recruiter!

2. How do you balance work and family?

The greatest thing about being a PC consultant is that I work whenever I want to! I set my schedule. I determine how much (or little) money I want to make. I visit my calendar and cross out the dates that I’m not available and highlight my ‘money making days’ in green. Those are my available dates. My kids are grown, even though my youngest is still living with me, so they aren’t as needy when it comes to demanding my time.

3. What advice would you give to other women starting their own company? 

Whatever you choose, give it your all! You can’t expect people to come knocking on your door for business. You have to SEEK it and do so, regularly. If you don’t pick up the phone, or strike up conversations and ask people to support you, the answer is always going to be NO! And, you have to put your ‘big girl panties on’ and realize that a LOT of people are going to tell you NO. You can’t take it personally! I always ask, “is that a NO, not ever? Or a NO not now?” I want confirmation. I want a little wiggle room so that I know what my chances are in the future!

4. Who has inspired you most? 

I LOVE Ellen Degeneres. Is that silly? I don’t know! She is inspirational beyond belief and has overcome such boundaries to get to where she is now. She didn’t let anyone hold her back from her goals and look at her. If I could meet anybody in the whole world, I’d want to meet her and talk with her for a day at least.

5. What does it take to become a Pampered Chef Consultant? 

 It takes a contract and a down payment! You can host a show and earn free product value to put towards your new kit. Right now our kits are $159 and $99. You can put either $20 or $40 free product value towards the purchase of the large kit (which is valued at $590) After March 1st, the Kit Credit will change somewhat, so contact me and I’ll go into further detail.
Before I allow anyone to sign a contract, I ask them to commit to FOUR shows. They can be catalog, cooking, fundraisers, etc. Who are your closest friends and family? Have a simple conversation with them…”I’m seriously thinking about starting my own PC business and I need your help. Would you be willing to invite 10-20 people, and please invite more people that I don’t know to get me started?” The key to inviting the unknowns, is so that you can reach beyond your family circle. So many consultants suck their friends and family dry and their businesses fail. It’s super important to branch out to be successful.
Many new people have concerns. “I hate cooking; I’m too afraid to talk in front of people,” etc. I’m telling you the training and support of this company is UNBELIEVABLE! Everyone around you wants you to succeed and they are your biggest cheerleader. It blows me away. There is support with your team, online and the Home Office. There are also many facebook groups that is a cheerleading community to toot your horn, ask for advice and brainstorm situations. If you can’t find your answer to a question or concern within 5 minutes, I’ll eat my shoe! LOL

6. Is there exciting news about your business that you want to share? 

WHERE DO I START? On March 1st our Host Reward program is getting a facelift and it’s awesome! January 1st, our home office announced our incentive trip for 2014 and it’s a trip for FOUR to Disneyland. Anyone that has traveled with Pampered Chef knows that it’s a 5-star treatment from the moment you board the plane. I’m currently on track (already) to earn that trip, so I’m very excited! It’s not too late to sign up and earn that trip for you and your family. Thanks for letting me ramble. I really do love this business and everything that goes with it. I have earned anywhere from $30 to $900 in a single month, so that gives you an idea of the potential. My senior director has been a consultant for 23 years and averages $8,000 a month in commission. That’s NOT a typo! There are consultants in this organization that are making $100,000 - $500,000 a year! If that doesn’t get you a little interested, I don’t know what will!

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