Phone Case of the Month Review and Coupon Code

Ok, so as many of you know from my Facebook post, my poor iPhone took a dive this past week and went SPLAT all over the ground. I was supposed to upgrade my phone months ago, but it was such a hassle and I never found time. And this is why you should ALWAYS have a case (and a screen protector-- neither of which I had on my phone at the time!!!!).

I spent about an hour getting my new iPhone. I was lucky because I was able to change my subscription to JUST in time to fit my new phone! And it arrived in just a couple of days!

Phone Case of the Month

I am loving this new case! It says, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" which I think really matches "me" pretty well. The case also came with a carrying case (that can be used as a cleaning wipe for my phone as well), and a cute sticker! I got all of this for only $5!!! You can just click on THIS LINK and your first case will be only $5 too (future cases are only $10)!

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