Aurorae Yoga

Are you looking for Yoga supplies? Yoga is one of our new favorite ways to both exercise and relax, and we love the Aurorae products we received to review!

This relaxing spray is something I use all the time! I love it during my yoga hour, but use it when I just want to relax as well! I love ot use it at night when I am trying to get to sleep!

Their yoga mats are super comfortable to use! The bottom has a non-skid surface which is perfect for suing on our hardwood floors.

The mat itself it thick and comfortable to stand on and sit on (which is a must for yoga!) It is also a comfortable material for any time you are sweating (which happens a lot when I do yoga).

I love that it rolls nicely and can fit into my bag to take to work with me!

Their yoga pants are my pants that I cannot wait to get out of the dryer! They are the most comfortable yoga pants I have ever owned and are super durable. I wear them for yoga, around the house, and even to sleep in (that is how comfortable they are).

You can check out the full line of Aurorae Yoga products at:
They are having a great sale right now!

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