Fixing Loom Bands Bracelet Maker From Plum District

If you are here, you probably ordered Loom Bands Bracelet Maker the Plum District and PurGoodies Deal. If you "box" arrive anything like mine, it was a smashed up tube. No box at all. This was disappointing.

Even more disappointing? The fact that the instructions did NOT match up with the loom your received. If you had a night like me, you have just spent the last hour scouring the Internet finding tutorials on how to make a bracelet, only to discover that you have a faulty loom. Are you ready to throw it out the window? Well, hold on just one second, because I am going to show you how to fix it!

Looking at your loom, you will notice that all three pegs line up. You probably noticed in the instructions that they did not.

The first step is to remove the green plastic pieces. They should just wiggle out from the loom.
You should have 3 long clear pieces and 4 green plastic pieces.

Attach one clear piece on the bottom all the way to the left spot on the green piece. Then attach another clear piece on the bottom all the way to the right on the green piece. Your piece should now look like this (the second photo shows the unattached middle piece simply laying in place-- it will NOT be attached to the bottom green piece):

Now go to the other end. Do the same thing to the other end of the plastic pieces. This time, however, also add the center piece by attaching the SECOND peg to the green piece, as seen below:

Now, you are able to attach the other two green pieces wherever you find most comfortable on your loom.

Your finished product should look like this!

You should now be able to follow the instructions given with the loom. OR, even better is to watch these amazon tutorials!


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