Find&Save for Black Friday Shopping

We know everyone is loving our full list of Black Friday ads! Did you know there is an app you can bring with you while shopping too? It is called Find&Save and we love it!

The recently did a survey on Black Friday shopping and discovered:
  • While primarily motivated by the sales, Black Friday shoppers are also driven by the thrill of the competition to find a good deal and more likely to have a tradition built around Black Friday shopping.
  • Black Friday shoppers show little store brand loyalty and are typically lured by specific deals or items they find when planning their shopping trip. The kinds of deals that are most alluring are those offering a percentage discount.
  • They are also much more likely to complete the majority of their holiday shopping on Black Friday.
Those survey results sound like us! Well, we are DONE Christmas shopping, but it is all about tradition and finding the best deal!

We will be using Find&Save on Black Friday. Did you know you can also map out your local stores, create shopping list and more? We love the comparative pricing tool, and it is something you can use every day! We have it loaded to our phone so we can be a super shopper on the big day!

Check out the app at

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