TeeSpring to Launch YOUR Next Fundraiser!

The following is a paid and sponsored post. However, as you can see, we took the time to use the site and would never recommend a product that we have not tried ourselves!

As many of you mamas know, I am president of my children's school PTO and fundraising can be a NIGHTMARE!!! It is such a headache, so we love any site that makes things a whole lot easier! That is why were are so excited that TeeSpring asked us to check out their website and share it with our readers! We made THIS really cool tee to celebrate the tenth doctor on Doctor Who (our personal favorite!!!) http://teespring.com/mamabreak

The entire design process was quick and simple. It took us about 10 minutes to design our shirt (and a lot of it was deciding what to make). And you can use it to raise funds for ANY goal you may have! People have used TeeSpring to raise money for adoptions, the Boston marathon, and many other goals! The best part is, you just share your link (as we did above), and people order directly from the site. No shipping or size sorting for you!!!!

Check out this short video that explains the process:

A fast, easy way to reach your organization's fundraising goals! We would love if you bought the shirt we designed!!!! Or just visit : http://teespring.com/  to reach your own fundraising goals!

MamaBreak received compensation to share TeeSpring with you. All of our experiences and opinions are completely our own!

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