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MamaBreak offers many advertising packages that will be perfect for your business! We are also willing to create an advertising package that fits your needs! Contact us at:

$50: Paid Post.
This post will be posted on the website: It will also be shared with the social networking sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. All links provided in the paid post will have a “no follow” attribute and a disclosure will be included. 

$40: Social Media Package
Client will receive promotion on Twitter and Facebook.
2 Facebook posts per week for 1 month
2 Tweets per week for 1 month
(Pinterest can be substituted for one of the above, or can be added for an additional $10).

$35: Button Advertisement
MamaBreak will display your advertising button for 1 month as one of the top five places on the right hand side of the page.  The ad will be 150x150 in size, and the client will provide the html code for the advertisement.

$50: Banner Advertisement
MamaBreak will display your banner for 1 month on the bottom of the page.

Why advertise with MamaBreak?
  • Reach: We reach over 15,000 readers through our social media network alone! 
  • Experience: Jo comes to blogging with a background in Public Relations, Training, Education, Writing, Editing,  and more! 
  • Education: Jo holds undergraduate, graduate, and terminal degrees. She brings experience in both the academic and corporate worlds! 
  • Professional: We treat all of our clients with quick, professional responses and results!


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