Julep October Review

Review: Julep Maven Subscription for October
The October Julep Maven box has arrived! And what a box it is – I ordered the upgrade, which means all the October polishes and products!

Let me share a little about the Julep Mavensubscription before I go through the box. When you sign up to be a Julep Maven, you take a quiz to determine your Style Profile. Every month, Julep comes out with a selection of colors and/or products for each of the five profiles. Modern Beauty has two full-size products, It Girl has three polishes, and the other three profiles have two polishes and one product. From the 20th to the 24th of each month, you can preview the collection, pick the profile you want (for $19.99 per box), or even skip that month’s box. There are also add-ons like other new polish colors or low prices on additional colors from the collection. I love that you can skip because some months it’s either not in the budget or I am not in love with the colors. I also love the extra perks that Mavens get like 20% off and free shipping across their website and a reward program that adds up quickly. (I also love that I got to try my first box for free! You can sign uphere and use code FREEBOX to only pay $3.95 shipping and try Julep Maven.)
Back to the box! Julep’s collection for October is “The Rebel Set.” I loved so many of the colors and had such a hard time choosing my profile that I just had to upgrade (for an additional $35, you get all 9 polishes and both beauty products). Luckily a polish-loving friend agreed to split the cost and some polishes with me! (If you want to see which polishes were in each profile, you can see them here with official Julep swatches: http://www.julep.com/october-maven-rebel-set)

In addition to the nine October colors, I also added two add-ons: Casper, a glow-in-the-dark white shimmer, and Beatrix, a black and gold glitter.
I knew exactly what I was going to try first! Julep’s swatch of Beatrix included a picture of a French tip glitter gradient over Winona, a gray-beige from the Classic with a Twist profile. Winona would not be my usual choice. (I go for the reds!) But their swatch was so compelling I knew I wanted both. I was definitely not disappointed! I love the combination!

I decided to do some accent nails on my other hand, in Anisa, the other color from the Classic with a Twist profile. It’s a “deep burgundy creme,” according to Julep, but early coats (this is 3 coats) made me think it was a deep fuchsia or magenta. Pardon the uncleaned up cuticles here!

I couldn’t resist also swatching Valerie, the glittery teal, and Ciara, the magenta with teal glitter. I love how they coordinate!

I also tested one of the products, the Kajal Eye Glider, an eye pencil with one brown side and one black side (which also came with a sharpener). Unfortunately, the Mask Noir didn’t arrive in my box, but I got an email from Julep the same day that said it was on its way. (Seems it was left out of all the upgraded boxes.)I put a line of the brown liner along my top brow and added just a little color between my lower lashes towards the outside of my eye. It was fairly simple to apply, and my lashes do look fuller.

If you’re interested in a Julep Maven subscription, you can get your first box free when you sign up here and enter code FREEBOX. You’ll pay only $3.95 shipping and get one of the Introductory Boxes for free!

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