My broken foot!

Ouch mamas!

I had a major fall earlier this week. I slipped and felt right on my foot. So far I have a confirmed sprained ankle. I went to the emergency room, as my food looked dislocated, but the x-rays showed no broken bones, so I was rushed to a neighboring hospital to see a podiatrist for a suspected detached ligament. Well, after much consultation, they believe it is a ruptured joint capsule. They are actually really not sure because my foot is so swollen. I go back in Tuesday, but was told to expect to wear this for at least 3-4 weeks!


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    1. We are getting there. It has taught me to slow down a little!

  2. At the end of the day it probably does not matter. You just need a competent orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon or a competent podiatrist - both should be able to manage you equally well.