Look of the Week: BB Dakota Boromir Sweater

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This is a throw back again this week (I have to find more time in the morning to snap newer photos). It is one of my items that I LOVED from Gwynnie Bee, but found I needed a size smaller. The BB Dakota Boromir Sweater I would say runs about 1 size large, so size down if you are on GB.
BB Dakota Boromir Sweater

One of the questions that we are often asked is if there is any control over getting sweaters in the summer. YES!! If you are not a GB member, this is what your dashboard looks like. These are my items on their way to me.

I am not sure how I ended up with a longer sleeved dress in there, but I guess I forgot to hold that one. Towards the top, you will see different areas, and one of those areas is the hold area.

You can see that in my hold area are dresses with longer sleeves, sweaters, etc. Basically, anything I would not wear in the summer. When it is summer time, I put the "warmer" clothes in the hold place in my closet. It is super simple to do. Just click on "Options" under the item in your closet, and choose to move it to "Hold." When it starts to get cooler again, I just go through my "On-hold" area and move those items back to my closet. You can do this many, many times (I am constantly moving things around).

Have an item that you want to return but potentially have again? I do this ALL the time. You just go to your history area, click on the item, and re-add it to your closet.

The best part about Gwynnie Bee right now? You can try it for FREE by clicking HERE.
FREE! You will get a free trial of 3 garments at a time, and can try it out!
What do I pay? Recently, Gwynnie Bee gave me a 1 item at a time upgrade for 3 months (so that was a free upgrade). They also sent an offer that if you purchased an upgrade, you would get one additional upgrade for life for FREE. So right now, I am getting 4 items at a time for $63.43 a month (I pay the base of about $35 plus the upgrade of about $28). You can sign up with Gwynnie Bee at: http://www.gwynniebee.com 

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