TV Tuesday: The Returned

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I am just finishing up Season 1 of The Returned and am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. 

I started watching this because my mom recommended it to me. It does remind me a lot of Resurrection. A LOT. So, if you saw that show and enjoyed it, you will probably enjoy this as well. We liked the first episode so much, we purchased the entire season (we do not have cable television). It is intriguing and each episode builds on the last, creating a really good story line. The acting was good, and I enjoyed the overall season. The basic premise is that several people return from the dead. They all died at different times, in different ways, and do not seem to be connected to each other (at first) with the exception that they all lived/ died in the same small town. Unlike Resurrection, there is not a mass implode of dead people in the town. It is a small number of people, and you follow each of their stories. 
The only downside to the show is that the season ends on a bit if a cliff hanger (ok a huge cliff hanger), and the show did not get picked up for a second season (as of June 10, 2015 that was the news). 

Season 1 can be found on Amazon at:

This post contains affiliate links. 

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