TV Tuesday: Arranged

So, I LOVED Married at First Sight last year/ season, but this year's season has been a little ho-hum. While I was on Hulu, it recommended I watch Arranged. I really did not know what to think at first, and I missed the first episode (so I STILL do not have the complete story because Hulu no longer has it, nor does the FYI website). However, the couples have kind of grown on me.

The show follows three couples that are in an "arranged" marriage:

  • Maria and Christian: They both come from Romani families who belong to the gypsy culture. Apparently, in their culture, marrying early is quite common, and in this case the couple is 17 and 18. They live in New York. 
  • Ragini and Veeral: They both come from Eastern Indian families, and are both 34 years old. Just last week, Ragini was promoted to VP at her company, while Veeral I believe has a medial license (but works in the administrative side of things). They live in California. 
  • Meghan and Josh: Both are from a small town in South Carolina and come from Southern families. She is 24 and he is 28 and both are just finishing graduate school and live in Charleston. I feel like the sense of being "arranged" here is a little stretched, as they were simply set up on a date by her mom and his dad (I guess technically that is arranged???). 
As you can imagine, the youngest couple seems to face the greatest challenges as they not only are adjusting to married life, but really are just learning how to be adults as well. As far as I can tell, neither has a job (they live with his parents), but perhaps that is the norm for their culture. 
I enjoy watching all three couples, and the people on the show are relatable and likable as people (well, for the most part). 
You can catch the episodes on the FYI channel, but if you do not have the channel, episodes 5-7 are available on Hulu. The season finale will be airing this Tuesday. 


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