Gwynnie Bee LOTW Review: JESSICA HOWARD Ruched Waist Dress WithArtichoke Skirt

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Hooray! Another look from Gwynnie Bee! This was a few months back (hence the glasses), but we are just trying to catch up with all of these amazing clothes. I got the chance to wear this fabulous Jessica Howard Ruched Was it Dress with Artichoke Skirt to a company party and I just fell in love with it!

The dress has a keyhole cut out on the back/ neck area, and it was perfect for a fun night out. What is great about the dress is that you can throw on a cardigan and easily make it a day look too! 

The best part about Gwynnie Bee right now? You can try it for FREE by clicking HERE. FREE! You will get a free trial of 3 garments at a time, and can try it out!
At the end of the year, Gwynnie Bee gave current subscribers a 1 item at a time upgrade for 3 months. Then, they sent out offers and I got 3 months of a 1 item at a time for only $35. So right now, I am getting 3 items a month. I am still paying my regular $37.63 once a month to Gwynnie Bee plus about $12 a month for my upgrade, so about $50 for 3 garments at a time. The turn around time for the past few weeks has been amazing, with super fast shipments! I usually wear something once and return it, so I get about 3 garments a week, or about 12 a month (usually it averages to about 15 a month!) You can sign up with Gwynnie Bee at: 

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  2. This is such a stunning outfit for the company party. I also love party outfits in black. I need to attend a bridal shower at some outdoor Seattle venues and I have bought a beautiful short black dress for that. Very soon I’ll share the photos on my blog!