A Kitchen Box Review and Coupon Code

When A Kitchen Box contacted us asking us if we wanted to review, how could we refuse? I LOVE cooking and baking. LOVE it. I don't have a lot of time to do it, but I always love to have fun ingredients on hand (and love new kitchen items). AND this is perfect for holiday gift giving! 

It comes in a brown box, and includes a nice card that explains each item. 

Then you get these delicious recipe cards! I am actually old school and have a book filled with recipe cards, so this was perfect. If you want a digital copy, you can always snap a photo and store them that way too. I just love looking at the photos in my book to inspire me. And what delicious recipes! 

The items themselves are awesome!!!!

A Kitchen Box Review

Included in the box (the first statement being the type of item included in every box):
  • Featured Recipes: As shown above. Estimated value: $5.00
  • Creative Packaging:  Flour Sack Towel: This is what we use in the kitchen and I can never have enough! Estimated value: $2.00
  • Something Useful: Tavolo Kitchen Knife: Always love new knives! Web value: $4.95
  • Artisan Food: Bee Local Artisan Neighborhood Honey, 4 oz: We love local honey, so I cannot wait. It smells and tastes delicious! Web value: $7.48
  • Artisan Food: Bluebird Emmer Farro: I have never cooked with Farro, but I love that they included a recipe that called for it. I cannot wait to try it! Web value: $3.95
  • Art postcard: A really nice postcard that is perfect for sending, or keeping as decoration. Ours was of beets-- perfect for fall. Estimated value: $2.50
  • Music Download: A song from The Last Bison. I thought this was a really neat addition. I listen to music while I cook, and I love that the aspect of the kitchen was blended with music. Web value: $1.10
  • Giving Back: for each purchase, A Kitchen Box gives $1 to The Children of Kenya RVOO. 
This is a super fun box that gives you a true kitchen experience. It allows you to sample not only new food products, but new recipes, and new kitchen items as well! A Kitchen Box starts at $30 a month.  The best part? Use coupon code mamabreak to save $10 off of your first subscription or a gift subscription purchase! 

MamaBreak received a box to review and share with readers here on the site. We did not receive any other type of compensation. 

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