Kmart Black Friday Ad Scan 2014

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Well, the Kmart ad is out. Honestly, I don't know that I have been to Kmart on Black Friday in ages. The deals are usually luke warm, and I am not seeing anything really exciting. They have decent prices on televisions, but I am guessing other competitors will as well. $5 Barbies are a good deal, but usually carried at that price or lower at Walmart and Target.
There will be THREE times that they will be running the doorbuster sales:
6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning
7 p.m. Thanksgiving evening
6 a.m. Black Friday morning

Black Friday 2014 Kmart Ad Scan
From experience last year, be careful with the ad-- make sure the sale you want is at the time you think it is (this is from a minor mishap at Walmart last year).

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