Christmas Books for Under $5

We are on the hunt for Christmas books this year. Are you doing the Christmas book advent? We are going to wrap 25 books, and each night the kids can open up a new book to read! We love the idea, but it can get expensive-- FAST!!! Here is a list of Christmas books-- all under $5. Remember to ship them separately and choose slow shipping to earn $1 back to spend on even more books!

Only $2.40

Only $2.25

A little over, but we love this book and $5.24 for a hardcover is a super price! 

Only $2.69

Only $2.52

Only $4.63

Only $3.15

only $3.44

Only $3.12

Only $3.99

Only $3.30

Only $3.99

Only $3.99

We cannot wait for them all to arrive so we can wrap them, and start to open them December 1st! 

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