French Box October Review and Coupon Code

French Box

Ooh La La! Last month I was NOT thrilled with my French Box. I thought it was random, and not very French. I feel like they were listening because this month they hit it out of the park! So excited!

French Box

Again, their boxes are awesome! Nice sturdy box that is just beautiful!

And inside, look at all these ACTUAL French goodies!
French Box October Review

  • Not included on the card was an adorable little notebook from Christian Lacroix! 
  • Durance Marseille Soap. Smells heavenly-- like French soap! Value: $3.47
  • Couleur Calisson candies. PLEASE send macaroons next month!!! Value $3.00
  • Le Panier Francais spice blend. Cannot wait to try- Smells amazing! Value $6.99
  • Matis Powder Brush. This is an item fairly available in the US, but still nice to have. Value $9.30
  • Atelier Cologne. 0.067 oz. Again readily available in the US. Amazon per ounce value $4.35
  • Oshi Bori towels!!!! Ok, obviously, I am excited. If these ARE available in the US, please someone tell me from where! These are super popular in Japan. They are infused with scents and are AMAZING. These are super relaxing and I love to travel with them. I actually ran out of what I bought while traveling YEARS ago. Nothing in the states compares!!!! I don't know how they are a French item, but the site IS a French site. I guess it is a French company selling something that the Japanese love? I don't even CARE!  Set of 3, 10 gr towels and 1 80 gr towel. Value $5.00

I want to point out that putting prices on many of the items are HARD because they cannot even be found in the US, so would have to be shipped internationally, causing them to cost even MORE. Also, a warning-- some of the web value links are NOT in English. 

I absolutely love this month's box, and it is my favorite box of the month! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had my first box discount LAST month, so I paid full price of $22 this month. So glad I did. Total value is $32.08

You can get your own French Box at: and with the code firstbox you get your first box for only $14

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Gwynnie Bee Review Look of the Week

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So, this was the second dress Gwynnie Bee sent me last week to make up for the dress that arrived with snags. This is the third dress I have been able to try this month with my 1 month trial.

Gwynnie Bee Review Look of the Week

So, I am not loving it. It hung realy weirdly on me. On the hanger it looked fantastic, but on was a different story. Because it is a sweater dress and you could completely see through it, it came with a slip dress for underneath. I adjusted that to fit on its smallest fit, and it was still far too big. This was just an awkward fit.

If you want to check out Gwynnie Bee for yourself, I only pay $37.63 a month for the subscription.

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Save $5 on Etsy!!!!

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If you are a brand new customer to Etsy, you can save $5 off of your first order! I had no idea until I made a new order today. We buy TONS from Etsy. Today was an Anna cape, last week was more materials to make hair ties!

Etsy Coupon

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KintCrate Review BUYER BEWARE

UPDATE: At 3:30, KintCrate blocked me from leaving comments on their Facebook wall. Please note, the ONLY comment I ever left was repeating what our reader originally posted. Deleting comments AND blocking people from commenting is a HUGE BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Hey Mamas! We review a ton of subscription boxes. I know, it is a bit of an obsession. But when someone has a very unpleasant experience with a box, we feel the need to share that with our fans. This is not to make the company feel bad or to ruin their business. We believe that consumers have RIGHTS-- and that companies often will take advantage of their customers. Today, a fan alerted us to an issue with Knit Crate. Please note, this is not a CHEAP subscription AT ALL. It is VERY expensive. Also, please note I am NOT a knitter. At all.

This is what our reader had to say,

"Just in case anyone is thinking of getting KnitCrate, I suggest you don't. This is JUST what happened to me and my response I posted on their facebook wall:
'I love yarn. I love the idea of yarn being sent to my house. I just wish KnitCrate had better customer service. Instead of getting my Knitcrate delivered this month, instead I received a notice from the post office saying I had to go to the Post Office and pay the missing postage. An hour after waiting in line and paying 8.26 to retrieve my package, one could bet the relaxing feeling of new yarn had worn off. I emailed KnitCrate a photo of the package and the receipt saying I had (and did) pay. Knitcrate wrote me a quick email back saying "[I] should take this issue up with [my] local postmaster" Not quite the customer service I would expect from a luxury yarn box.' "

Within seconds of it being posted to KnitCrate's wall, they deleted it. So, I went to their Facebook wall and posted it again. They deleted it within seconds. We always are skeptical of any company that deletes complaints rather than addressing them. 

She did email, and this is the response:

OK - I see from the "receipt" you provided, which is actually not a valid USPS receipt for payment made, that your package was delivered today. We confirmed delivery of your package at USPS tracki
ng site that it was delivered today at 11:42 am, which is around the exact time you first emailed me so not sure how you spent an hour in line at the post office.

Proper postage was paid for (we weight the package and our local post office weighed the package prior to shipment) and you did not provide a receipt.



If you look at the receipt below, it clearly says there was postage due. 

We know that mistakes happen. We get that. It is easy to mis-weigh a package (which is clearly what happened here). But, this customer already PAID for the shipping with her yearly subscription fee. 

We hope that KnitCrate can make this right! Stop by their Facebook wall and let them know what you think at:

GlobeIn Chopra Artisan Box Review

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Last month, I signed up for the GlobeIn Chopra Artisan Box. I was not really sure of what to expect, but I am loving this fun box. It brings you products products from worldwide artisans, and has a variety of items. I chose the Chopra box, but there are many options including jewelry, home, and unexpected and awesome!

The box is normally $29.99 a month, but you can get it right now for only $5 for your first box with the code: FBFREE or SPOOKY4FREE  (both are free box codes-- just pay the $5 shipping-- I do not have an expiration date for either)

In the box are cards from each artisan that introduces you to them. I thought this was a really nice addition.

In the box:

  • Palm leave basket: Perfect for my desk! 
  • Leather wallet
  • Wooden keychain with the word "meditate"
  • Notebook/ journal
  • Code for 21 meditation challenge (a $49.99 value)
This is such a unique box, and I think well worth the value! Everything is hand made and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artisan. I really want to try out the home box next! 

You can check out all of the box options at on the Monthly Artisan Gift Box page:    and don't forget to use the code FBFREE! 

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