National Pasta Association Review

I am always looking for healthy meals for my family, but as you probably know, I am also VERY frugal. That is why we LOVE incorporating pasta into our meals. Did you know that pasta can be VERY healthy? We love to use a whole grain pasta!

We really get tired of making spaghetti, so we like to try pasta with new flavors! We almost always boil our pasta in a large pot:
And then we add a topping to it. Although there are many options like marinara and Alfredo that you can purchase at the store, we actually like to add a spicy flavor to ours. Did you know that you can often make your own topping for pasta just by adding the spice to a little olive oil? I usually heat it as I mix it in a pan as well, to create a nice rich topping. For tonight's meal, we used Ginger Teriyaki Char Crust. We mixed it with a little coconut oil, and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. We then added it to the top of the pasta for a delicious side!

It made the pasta almost an asian-inspired dish, but it was easy to make and delicious to taste! Experiment in your kitchen with other toppings you may have around your kitchen!

For some amazing recipes and other ways to use pasta, check out the Pasta Fits website at:


  1. I have heard of their pasta and really want to try it, now to find it in a store.

    1. Well, we MAY be running a giveaway VERY soon (Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!)