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As many of you know, I decided a couple of weeks back to subscribe to LBB, Little Black Bag. At first I was REALLY excited, but if you have been skeptical about this site . . . perhaps you should be. The customer service I received was HORRIBLE, and I mean really bad. I feel like the make "deals" for their veterans, but for new subscribers you are left in the lurch. For example, I thought I had subscribed in time to get a bonus offer of an extra item in my bag. I did not (which I found out AFTER I signed up and opened my first bag). Then, within DAYS they had a new offer to open a bag and get an extra item . . . which of course I could not do because I already had an open bag. When I reached out to customer service, I was pretty much told "too bad." This did not start my experience off on the right foot.

So, I opened my first bag and chose my first item, a purse. I ended up exchanging everything in my bag for something new (even my bag). What you will find is the veterans of the site are like vultures to the new people. They will choose their first item based on a trading value, and then trade up. This is ONE of the ways that people get TONS of items in their bag. Another way is through referral links. So, when you see people with 5-10 items in their bag, they most likely are a veteran and receiving extra items through referrals or through trading "up." This was really overwhelming as a new person and very confusing.

So, at the end of my trading period, I went back and forth about wanting my bag. I decided to NOT purchase it, because after all, it SAYS IN THEIR PRESS KIT that you can skip right before it ships. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is no where to skip, and when I contacted customer service they claimed it was "old information" even though it is a part of their CURRENT PRESS KIT.

Oh, so I can return it and get 100% full refund, right? Because it says that in their PRESS KIT as well!!! Nope. That was old as well. I would still have to cover the shipping costs. So, another area where they are less than honest.

In the end, I ended up paying $54.90 (the $49.95 does NOT include shipping!!!!!) for a box that retails for about $116, which is not bad. However, because of the concerns stated above, I AM canceling my subscription! I wish that customer service would have been more first time user friendly, because I think they could have resolved a lot of my questions or concerns . . . simply by adhering to their own policies set out in the press kit.

Ok, UPDATE: So, some of you may have noticed. I did not, indeed, cancel. I did skip my next month. Then, I got a $25 credit for completing a survey . . . and OF COURSE something came up that I HAD TO HAVE. So I ordered in March. I also ordered in April, and you can find the unboxing of April's box at:

I received:

  • Pixi Nail Polish, Full sized, Value $8
  • Spring Street Wishbone Bracelet, Value $18
  • Lydell Neckalce, Value $24
  • Big Buddha Bag, Value $66
Watch our video below for a full unboxing. 

You can try out Little Black Bag for yourself BY CLICKING HERE.

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