10/6: Top 5 . . . Steam Thresher's Reunion

Each year, my family and I has a Labor Day tradition. When other people are pulling in their lake dock, barbecuing, or attending parades, my family and I head to the Steam Thresher's Reunion on Rollag, MN.

Rollag, MN is a VERY small town, and relatively unheard of. But each Labor Day, people from across the country travel to this location to celebrate all things . . . STEAM! From tractors to machines, trains to threshers, this is an event not to miss.

You will arrive in a demonstration sort of area where there are many buildings and other events to watch. But do not less this fool you (and make you think, WHERE did MamaBreak send us), the real gem of the festival is a train ride away. Hop aboard the train (my son, who LOVES trains wants to ride over and over again), and transport you and your family back in history-- to a time when things were much simpler.

When you step off the train, you will see a main street with "typical" old shops. Stop in them to find hand made items. Do not forget to stop in the cafeteria for some hand made ice cream!

The kids will love this mini-train that is set up. Rides are free!

Check out the blacksmith stand to see live demonstration of how blacksmiths work! Look at the strong muscles!

Hungry? Stop at the apple stand for delicious juice, apple cider, carmel apples, and more!
My kids' favorite is the corn husker when you can take the kernels off of corn. You can also take your corn (off the cob) and grind it down to make animal feed!

The end of our day is always spent at the carousel. A fun treat for the kids.

For adults, there are many demonstrations and activities . . . so it really is a family event. The entire family likes to enjoy all of the festivities! A perfect outdoor festival for the autumn weather!

Check out next year's festival at: http://www.rollag.com/


  1. It looks like a great time! I love all the pictures it appears everyone had a fun day!

  2. This place looks amazing I wish we were near something like that. Looks like you all had fun. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  3. Oh how fun! It sounds like there is tons of fun things to do there, and it looks like everyone had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's my type of gig. So I am guessing the little events are temporary, but what about the old towne Main Street?

    1. all of the permanent fixtures remain there all year, such as main street and the carousel. There is a park there as well. It is mostly buildings around the grounds, and all of those sit all year round. The things that are brought out for the smaller stands are stored in the larger buildings. It is a lot of work for just a few days be being open, but it is very, very cool!

  5. looks like you all had a blast. that train ride is cool, my kids would love that for sure

  6. I wish my family was close enough for that, it is safer for everyone for all of us to stay in different states/countries though. It looks like everyone had a great time.

  7. How fun! Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. It really is a cool event, ladies. It is one of the only events of its kind, so it makes for a very unique experience! I know people travel from all over the country to attend!
    What is really neat is that some families have been coming for generations!

  9. What an adorable place to have a reunion! My hubby's family loves trains so I think they would just do back flips if they saw this!