Month 2 Allure Beauty Bar Sample Society

This is month 2 of my Allure's Beauty Bar Sample Society. I vast disappointment.

Last month, I ended up using my $15 off $50 code mixed with BBTWITTER, to purchase the Dermalogica product. I really like how soft it made my skin. My total was $20 for the product, brush cleanser ($10), and 4 samples.

This month, there is another $15 off $50 code. However, if they are generic codes and anyone can use them, I do not see this as much of a benefit (I am guessing the code will work for non-members as well).

As noted before I have still not seen 1 issue of the Allure magazine that was promised.

The products this month were VERY small and NO WHERE NEAR "deluxe" samples.
.5 oz DDF Amplifying Elixir (Retail Value= $63 for  1.7 ounce) I would not value this at $10 or $20, although it is about 1/3 of the regular product. It is VERY small.
.169 oz Oscar Blandi Hair Serum (Retail Value= $35 for 1.6 ounce) Value=?? This is not even enough for 1 USE!!!!
1.69 oz Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel (Retail Value= $26 for 5 ounce) Value= $5??
.17 oz Murad Skin Perfecting Primer (Retail Value=$35 for 1 ounce) Value = $3??
.14 oz Terry Creme De Rose (Retail Value= $99 for 1 ounce) Value= ???

I would value this box UNDER $10. Honestly, a "sample" that is 1/10 of an ounce can hardly be considered "deluxe." These were pretty pathetic samples, without a single product that was even CLOSE to a full size. The largest item was the toner which was the cheapest of all the products. I would be more forgiving if there was once again a full sized item, but sadly there was not.

I am trying out this box for 1 more month, hoping that next month brings better items.

I am also hoping Allure does their summer beauty box!!!!


  1. I'm not that impressed either. I am going to try a different one, perhaps Here is a link to 6 others:

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