Bluum Box Review

So, this is my first month of getting a Bluum box. The regular subscription rate is $30 for three months plus a $1 shipping fee. Essentially, you would pay $10/ month. was running a daily deal to get a 3 month subscription for $18. I had a $5 gift voucher that I won from, so essentially I paid $13 for three months, or around $5/ box.

Bluum box sends samples of baby products each month. This is very similar to the other sample box sites out there, but focuses on "baby" products.

I think I would be pleased if I spent $5/ month on the subscription, but would be disappointed if I had paid the full price. This is what was in my box:

3.5 oz Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouch (APR- $2)
.17 Wedela Wild Rose Soothing Night Cream (APR- $2.50? a 1 oz bottle is $25)
.17 Wedela Almond Soothing facial lotion (APR 2.50? a 1 oz bottle is $25)
Sleep tight Pillow Spritz (APR $2?- A "regular size if $19, however no size is listed for the regular size and a size is not listed on the small bottle that came in the box)
1 Pai Mu Tan Gourmet bag of tea from (APR $3? -- 4 bags retails for $13)
and 1, yes ONE chocolate from Uncle peties chocolate (APR 25 cents?-- how to you measure the value of one little chocolate?)

I thought the box overall may be worth $5, but not much more. It came nicelay packaged, and I can see myself using each and every sample (I already at the chocolate).

I have read that other subscribers have been disappointed with the boxes over the past several months, so we shall see what the next month brings. I cannot imagine I will keep receiving the boxes once my subscription runs out.

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