Why Mama Needed a Break

We're BACK!!!!
Well, we are never really gone, if you follow us on Social Media. But we have not blogged for a while. I thank all of our readers who sent notes asking how we were doing!

In the past few years, we have been through a TON. I will be updating on individual pieces throughout the coming weeks, and telling you all about it, but these are the major events . . .


  • Lost my father
  • Lost my grandmother
  • Lost my aunt
  • Lost our cat of 19 years
  • Lost my childhood best friend
  • Lost two cousins
  • Many other deaths not directly related to me-- friends' parents, friends' children . . . I have been to a lot of funerals
  • Removed my son from his private school after dealing with YEARS of bullying (and after a call to the police) and placed him in the public school
  • Getting sick. Very, very sick. And having the doctor telling me time and again that "everything was fine." Only to lead to more sickness and finally a diagnosis, surgery, and starting to feel human again
Joys and smiles:
  • Refinancing our home to make major home improvements like new central air, a new master bedroom, and hopefully a new master bathroom-- pics to come!!!!! 
  • One of my best friend's wedding (in JAMAICA!!!!)
  • A much needed vacation to Grenada (pics to come!!!)
  • A promotion (I don't know if I should put this under joys or tears)-- but it brought on TONS of work. I have since stepped down from the promotion-- yay more blogging time!!!! 
  • Adopting the three best rescue cats
  • Traveling to Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and many other places in the states
  • Losing 16 pounds so far (MUCH MORE TO COME) 
  • And much, much more!!!!!
We promise to bring you awesome giveaways, tons of reviews, great ways to save money, and most importantly-- ways to find "breaks" throughout the day! 

We're so excited to be posting daily again! 


  1. Welcome back and best wishes!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. Thanks so much! It is great to be blogging again!