Travel Tuesday: Grenada

July 2016 marked my 14th wedding anniversary. My husband and I try to take a trip during our anniversary month WITHOUT the kids. I usually need a break after being home alone with them all summer, he needs a break, and it is a nice time to get away.
We hadn't really planned to go to Grenada. We had some good experience with Sandal's and they were having a sale, so I thought-- why not. We ended up going to Grenada because it was one of the only places we could fly without a red-eye flight (which I hate).

It was stunningly beautiful! Just amazing. This was our view from the hotel room. There was an ocean AND mountain/ hill view.

The beach was well maintained, clean, and you could do many activities right from the resort.

We ended up snorkeling one day, sitting by the beach a ton, and just relaxing. They had many, many options though!

And Sandal's went the extra mile when it came to finding ways to surprise us. From a candlelight dinner on our balcony to welcome us when we arrived to a bubble bath complete prepared with flowers and candlelight when we returned from our massages!

Things were really wonderful, but I do have a few tips of things to know if you ever visit:

1. Book a butler suite. This really made our stay at Sandal's MUCH, MUCH better! However, not ALL of the butlers are stellar. We had one who was fantastic. The other two were just ok.

2. If you get the candlelight dinner (which is an added option-- one you pay for) DO NOT choose the beach location. It has TONS of bugs. TONS! And you WILL get bit. A LOT. And there is Zika virus in Grenada. We had the unfortunate experience, and would not want to do it again.

3. Bring a snorkel with you. You can take a boat out snorkeling (which I highly recommend-- tons of fun), but you can also snorkel right from the beach-- tons of fish! But to snorkel on the beach, you have to purchase the snorkels there which were crazy expensive.

4. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT purchase your next Sandal's vacation from the resort while you are there. They will tell you it is the BEST deal. IT. IS. NOT. The gentleman in the booking area tried to tell me I would not find a better deal. The BEST deal is always to book during your stay. But my trip THERE was cheaper than what he was offering. He tried to claim it was because we had cheaper flights, which I showed him we did not. He could not offer the same deal/ discounts that we got during our trip there. Wait for Sandal's to have a super deal online and book then.

5. AVOID the French restaurant. It was not good. The service was slow and the food was not great. Lots of others places to choose from that are far better!

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