Mani Monday: Quick Fix

A few weeks ago, I went with a nice green on my nails. Usually I re-paint them every week, but the following week was so hectic and crazy. Well, this is my quick fix to freshen up any mani. This is for emergencies-- a date, an important meeting, a night out on the town-- life is unpredictable as a mom. I have been doing this for ages!

First, get several different glitter polishes. Glitter polish is your FRIEND!!! Have a stale mani? Just paint right over it with a glitter polish. The magic of glitter polish is, even if you have a little chip here or there, the glitter will almost conceal it!
You will see that I also had an entire nail chip off. I just made that an accent nail and my mani was fresh, new and looked wonderful! Does it look as good as a 100% fresh mani? Not really, but I did not have time for one, so this was a simple fix when I was in a jam (and don't we always need those as moms?).

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