Gwynnie Bee Review Look of the Week: TAYLOR DRESSES Black & CreamAnimal Print Dress

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So, this is our look of the week with Gwynnie Bee. It is TAYLOR DRESSES Black & Cream Animal Print Dress. I paired it with a black skinny belt and Uggs because it was FREEZING outside as well as black leggings and my black chunky necklace. This was a dress that was pre-LASIK so I am still sporting my glasses! Honestly, I think I needed a wider belt this day.

Gwynnie Bee Review Look of the Week: TAYLOR DRESSES Black & CreamAnimal Print Dress

At the end of the year, Gwynnie Bee gave current subscribers a 1 item at a time upgrade for 3 months. Then, they sent out offers and I got 3 months of a 1 item at a time for only $35. So right now, I am getting 3 items a month. I am still paying my regular $37.63 once a month to Gwynnie Bee plus about $12 a month for my upgrade, so about $50 for 3 garments at a time. The turn around time for the past few weeks has been amazing, with super fast shipments! I usually wear something once and return it, so I get about 3 garments a week, or about 12 a month (usually it averages to about 15 a month!) You can sign up with Gwynnie Bee at: 

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