Thrifty Thursday: Bountiful Baskets

Are you trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet? It is hard to stock up on fruits and vegetables because fresh produce can be very expensive! Bountiful Baskets just started in our small town, and we are so in love with it!

Bountiful Baskets
This was our basket from this past week. It is 50% fruits and 50% vegetables (making it 100% delicious!). My kids love getting basket because it means fresh fruit. It makes snack time much easier when you can go into your fridge and pick up something delicious and nutritious! They have wonderful add-ons each week too! We have purchased the bread, wraps, and many others (including splitting an 8-pack of strawberries with a friend-- and the kids have almost finished them already). The contributions open at noon on the Monday before you pick up your produce (which is generally on Saturday). The sign-up lasts until Tuesday at noon, but our own sign-up was only open for 45 minutes before it sold out! Each basket is only $15! You never know what you will get specifically, but it will always be 50% fruit and 50% vegetables. There is also an organic basket for $25.  There is a $5.50 handling fee that is added to your total, no matter how much you add. In the end, it is a wonderful way to stock your fridge every 2 weeks, and to keep healthy foods in the house!

You can check out Bountiful Baskets at:
You can check out current locations at:

If you do not have a location, I would encourage you to start one!

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