Mom's Guide to Diastasis Recti

As you may have guessed, I am a mom (wow! MamaBreak is written by a mom!!!???!!!). And I love being a mom. I have three children all delivered by c-section, with my oldest child delivered by emergency c-section. And recovering my body after it did something truly amazing has been difficult. I had heard about diastasis recti (which spell check does not even recognize) from a friend, and decided to do more research about it. See, I have this belly that never really went away after the birth of my three children. And as I lose weight, it seems like my belly is going no where.

I don't think my doctor has ever mentioned diastasis recti to me, which is not too surprising. When I was asked if I would review, "Mom's Guide to Diastasis Recti" and to host a giveaway, I knew I had to-- for both me and all of you.

The book isn't too long (thank goodness because I have all of 5 minutes of alone time), and thank goodness it fit into my handbag. It contains tons of information as well as quick exercises that were easy to follow and understand!


If you have given birth, and your baby "bump" is still there-- you need to pick up this book! It is just $9.99 on Kindle from Amazon! Or enter below, and you can WIN your own copy! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED

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