The Click Trilogy Giveaway

If you are looking for a quick, delightful read-- the Click Trilogy is perfect! This collection of books includes Click, Double Click, and Right Click, all by the lovely Lisa Becker. I first read "Click" several years ago, and just fell in love with it. It is a fun, fast, and romantic read. Perfect for Spring!

We asked Lisa Becker our 5 interview questions for the month!

1. What inspires you to write? 
I've always been a sucker for a good love story.  I was inspired to start writing when I met my husband online more than 16 years ago when online dating was in its infancy.  After we married, I was recalling some of the hilarious experiences that I had with both traditional and online dating.  I decided to capture some of them in writing and from there, my first novel emerged.   My ultimate goal was to create a fun read for anyone who has ever had a bad date, been in love, been dumped, or is searching for "the one."  But, the happy ending is real.  Steve and I have been happily married for 13+ years and have two amazing daughters - ages 12 and 10. I continue to write to give hope to everyone that love is out there and remind them of my grandmother’s favorite saying: "for every chair, there is a tush." 

2. Who is your favorite author? 
Right now, I am obsessed with books by Colleen Hoover.  Her books draw you in from the very beginning and have these amazing, interesting, unique twists to them that make them compelling but very realistic.  I highly recommend checking out her books. My favorites are Ugly Love and November 9.

3. Tell us a little bit about a book you have written. 
The clique trilogy is comprised of three books – Click: An Online Love Story, Double Click, and Right Click.  The first book follows Renee Greene, who is fast approaching her 30th birthday and finding herself not married, not dating, and without even a prospect or a house full of cats.  She reluctantly joins her best guy pal on a journey to find love online in Los Angeles. The story unfolds through a series of emails between Renee and her best friends as well as the gentlemen suitors she meets online. Renee endures her share of hilarious and heinous cyber dates. Fraught with BCC's, FWD's and inadvertent Reply to All's, readers will root for Renee to "click" with the right man.  Double Click picks up six months after the original book ends, with Right Click taking place an additional six months later. 

4. What new and exciting things do we have to look forward to from you? 
In 2015, I released a novella called Clutch, chronicling the dating misadventures of Caroline Johnson, a single purse designer who compares her unsuccessful romantic relationships to styles of handbags.  Based on the great response, I received a publishing deal to release an expanded version of the book.  It should be available in August.

5. What helps you to stay happy? 
I tell my children to “choose grateful every day!”  Happiness is a choice.  Whatever is happening in your life, you can look for and find happiness.  I often find it with my husband, children, friends or a good book. 

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  1. I am looking forward to talking our dogs for long walks in the warm weather.

  2. Oh my goodness...spring trout fishing is what I am most looking forward to.

  3. I am most looking forward to going on nature walks with my daughters this spring.

  4. I am excited for the garden to bloom! I love Spring flowers.

  5. Can't wait to plant my garden and play outside with my grandkids.

  6. Playing outside for sure.

  7. I want to garden. I have really had enough cold.

  8. I'm most looking forward to taking my kids to the park!