It's Cold Outside-- Time to Get Nasal Relief

Have the stuffy noses hit your house yet? I know they have hit mine! Wow! It is so hard to remind the kids to blow their noses. Saline is a MUST have product in our home, and Simply Saline is our go to product. When they asked us to review, we knew we had to tell all our mama readers all about them.

Simply Saline is easy to use on even the tiniest of noses. Before I had kids, I didn't realize that blowing one's nose is actually a SKILL that needs to be learned. Simply Saline keeps those noses from getting dry, so less runny noses all season long.

I love these swabs. My youngest hates things being squirted up her nose, she these swabs are the perfect solution. They are also great for the really, really tiny noses!

You can check out the spray here:
And the Swabs here:

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