Aurorae Aqua Sport and Swim Towel Review and Coupon Code

This post contains affiliate links. 

Ok, so one of my weird things that I have as a "must have" item is a towel. It is a weird obsession. Every year, I get so excited because we buy new beach towels in the Spring. We also buy new bath towels in the Fall. And I am PICKY. VERY picky. They have to be large enough, soft enough, absorbent enough, etc. And we have towels in our house for certain activities: swim towels, beach towels, yoga towels, bath towels, hair towels, etc., etc. I was so excited when Aurorae told me they had a new towel! I told them immediately that I would love to review it on the blog!

Aurore Aqua Sport and Swim Towel

First off, the Aurore Aqua Sport and Swim Towel is incredibly soft! I love how great it feels on my skin. I did use it at the beach first, but it was so soft and so large it quickly became my favorite bath towel too!

Aurorae Aqua Sport and Swim Towel

It absorbs water like nothing I have ever experienced. It REALLY absorbs the water. I actually used my regular bath towel this morning, and I was wondering why it was not getting me as dry!!! I have gotten so used to this towel after only a short while, that I don't know that I can go back to regular bath towels.
Aurore Aqua Sport and Swim Towel Colors

I asked if we could include something extra special for blog readers, and Aurorae agreed! So, right now, you can use coupon code 2MAMAS15  and save $5 off the price of the Aurorae Aqua Sport and Swim Towel! You can choose any of the fantastic colors you see above! Just order through Amazon, apply the coupon code, and the towel is only $19.99!  (coupon code expires 9/13/15)

MamaBreak received an Aurore towel to review on the website. We did not receive any other type of compensation. This post contains affiliate links. 


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