Gwynnie Bee Look of the Week: SPRUCE & SAGE Mint Rose Fit & Flare Dress

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I have been a bit behind on looks of the week! Work, school, and life just got insanely busy! I am sharing a Gwynnie Bee look which is older, but still in circulation (you can tell by the snow). It is a fabulous dress though and would be great now that summer is on it's way.

The SPRUCE & SAGE Mint Rose Fit & Flare Dress  was a super length for me and fit well. I love wearing bright colors since starting with Gwynnie Bee, and although the dress is not the most unique, it is perfect for every day wear. I received tons of compliments, and Spruce & Sage always seems to fit well.

The best part about Gwynnie Bee right now? You can try it for FREE by clicking HEREFREE! You will get a free trial of 3 garments at a time, and can try it out!
This past month I got an upgrade for bring a loyal subscriber through July. I also have a 1 week upgrade because of an error. I am still paying only my regular $37.63 once a month to Gwynnie BeeYou can sign up with Gwynnie Bee at: 

Some questions that people have asked in the past include:
Does Gwynnie Bee sponsor your membership? No. We pay our Gwynnie Bee fee every month, as noted above. We have never received a sponsorship for blogging. I receive my free trial membership just like everyone else. :) Nothing more, nothing less.
How many items do you get in a week? It depends greatly on how long I keep garments. Sometimes I don't have anywhere to really go, so I hang on to them for longer, but I would say 2-3 items a week at a minimum. 
Do you like everything you get? No. But I will add that it is rare that I get something I will not wear. I have found a cardigan can help A LOT. Every once in a while, I do receive something that looks REALLY bad on me. The fantastic thing is that I can just bag it right away and return it for something else. 
Do you photograph everything you get? No. Usually, I wear my GB items to work. With 3 kids to get ready in the morning as well, I don't usually have time to stop and take a photo. What you are seeing is usually a morning where we are running a little early. 
How long have you been with GB? Since October 1, 2014. My very first item was SPRUCE & SAGE
Oil Pastel Fit & Flare Dress. 

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