Summer Q Box Review

Q Box had some special edition boxes, and since I had never received a special edition box, I thought I would go for it. The promised a $200 value. The cost was $59.99 plus tax, so I was expecting a box that blew me away. In the end, it was a little underwhelming and a little disappointing. The value was there, but the items were just not my style and I don't know that I will really use anything. It also was supposed to be "Summer Fun", but I am not seeing ANYTHING summery about the box? It really seems like random items they had thrown into a box.

What was in the box?

  • Rena Chris hair band. STOP. If you have this box, do NOT place this in your head! Trust me! DO NOT!!!!! The hair band will attach to individual hairs and you will be in tons of pain. Trust me. I tried. It also has no way to really stay on your head. You can tie the ribbon, but it just slips right off of my head (hair being pulled out with it). Web value $15. 
  • Blank Earphones. I have never been able to wear canal type earphones. They cause a lot of pain to my hears. I am hoping these will be different. Web value $10. 
  • Ted Baker Makeup Bag. I do travel a lot, so this was a nice addition. I do have a TON of cosmetic bags, but nothing from Ted Baker, so I am adding it to my collection. Web value $40. 
  • 3 Concept Eyes Skin Tone Control Primer. This is more a personal gripe with all subscription boxes. PLEASE do not send out a primer or foundation unless you know the skin tone. I have so many of these products that are worthless to me because I have a light skin tone. This is in Mild Peach, and there is not way it will ever match my own skin tone. Web value $26
  • 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Eyeliner. I accidentally broke the seal, so I guess it is mine now. I do not wear liquid eye liner at all, so this is another item that will go in my do not use pile. Web value $13. 
  • Jill Stuart Bag. This is not really a handbag. It is fairly small with no closure. I am not entirely sure what I would use it for. Value based on attached tags $50. 
  • Elegant Rose Hand Towel. This seems like an ordinary hand towel to me. Someone message me if it is not! Value based on attached tag $15. 
Total value $169. This does fall short of their promised $200 value, but still was a good buy for $60 if the person receiving it could use everything in it. Based on what I can and cannot use, I would give the value for me about $70. This box just did not make me incredibly happy, and ended up being a bit of a snooze fest for me. 

What REALLY made this disappointing is that OVER 7 products were promised (we can all count, right?-- to 7) AND the brands listed were Snidel, Jill Sutart, 3CE and Rena Chris. As we can clearly see I did not receive anything from Snidel. 

As you always know Mamas, we believe that companies should stand behind their promises. We DID contact Q Box and were told the Snidel product did not make it through customs. WHY did they not change, edit, or update their site? I don't know. They should have. They should have given the promised items listed in the description. You can see their description here:  (the screen shot above is from the page THIS morning). 

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